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Basic Ways To Learn Website Design Coding And Programming

Basic Ways To Learn Website Design Coding And Programming Basic Ways To Learn Website Design Coding And Programming
Not everyone knows about web design and programming. I myself began to know web design when entering the world of blogging. For some people who do not know about how to create a website design , they will declare hard. Actually very easy  only this takes a long time to hone our skills and creativity in designing a website.

You want to learn about website design. first know the basic things to learn website design. What are the basic things you need to learn in web design ?

There are 4 standard programming languages ​​in web design :

HTML , CSS , JavaScript and PHP

The first step is we need to be able to distinguish how to write and tag the base of the fourth language, so we are not confused when editing the script coding used on the theme blog.

For PHP, can start by learning how to write tag in accordance with CMS blog that we use. So this allows us to understand the use of a PHP in website design.

Well, now the question is which one to learn first? the answer is ...

HTML → CSS → PHP → JavaScript / jQuery

HTML is the first order to be studied because it is the main programming language which MUST be learned in building a blog page / website.

Having built a basic page , CSS is used to provide a "makeup" on the page. As a first step using only standard PHP tags, can be built from an existing blog theme. JavaScript / jQuery can we learn to make the blog more interactive pages , but not absolute

What about the learning process ?

Modification → Making → Designing

There is no harm when first studying the coding of the website design made ​​by someone else. If the modification stage is no longer difficult, it is time to design your own website design.

In this stage, the layout doodles on paper is helpful designer to create a design that has a concept with a clear picture of the imagination than the existing drawing directly head to the screen. Learn up to 50%, if the spirit of learning and high, all modules can you finish the lesson at a time. Yes, it could be in one time we learn all these languages​, but it will not be effective. Many experts suggest web programming to learn a language by 50%, and then learn a new.

So when a programming language has been mastered in 50% , we can proceed to other programming languages ​​so that step by step we will master them all as interrelated . For most people , this method is more effective than studying them simultaneously . In addition to web programming , you also need to learn to create graphic designs . The initial phase could be to take the graphical elements of the Internet , there are also free ones :) There are many websites that provide design headers , buttons , and trinkets image to your website . To create website desain, we can use the help of software such as Photoshop or Dreamweaver .

Welcome to learn web design and good luck :)
Ramzi Ebaz

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