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Tips : Best Way To Learn Website Design

Tips : Best Way To Learn Website Design - Tips : Best Way To Learn Website Design
The website design is one that collects various areas of design expertise in one place. It makes a lot of people get confused when starting to learn web design. Should learn programming first? Or should begin with a design in Photoshop? This article will discuss some tips that hopefully makes it easier to learn web design.

Start with Minimalist Design

The minimalist design is the first design style that must be mastered. In minimalistic design, you will be required to produce an effective design without the need preoccupied with details that are not so important. By mastering a minimalist design, then you actually have to run the main purpose of which is expected in web design that make the site work.

Creating a Website Structure

The problem that often occurs is often the designer too preoccupied with small details such as texture, color, or font. In fact, the first important thing to consider is to plan the structure of the site. A blog has a different structure to the portfolio because it is updated faster. Blog company has a different style with a personal blog.
Therefore, the first step of web designing is not done in Photoshop. But, with a pencil graffiti on a piece of paper. Small details such as the texture or color of the site can be decided after an important structure was successfully obtained.

Follow the structure that already Common Web Design

Perhaps you've noticed that typically the blog has a structure with two columns on the right sidebar and the logo on the top left. This layout is used by many people because of the simple fact, succeed. Usability studies show that visitors are already familiar with the sidebar on the right and on the left of blog content. Visitors also naturally know that the upper left side contains the identity of the site which when clicked will bring it to the front page. If you design a blog, then most likely this is the layout that you should use.
Web Design has grown rapidly and all the standards that exist today are the result of painstaking research experts. So, do not ever assume a two-column layout design or text in black and white as boring. Feel free to use it just because other people use it

Always focus At Function

Web designer is not an artist. Web designer is a designer who has the task of conveying a message through the site. So, focus on the function of the site is not on the ornaments and knick-knacks site.
Animation is interesting. A large background image also looks good. But, before using it to ask yourself "Is the site owners and visitors need it?" To understand the functions in web design, make it a habit to regularly read the related article usability and user experience. References are good you can get at Smashingmagazine.com and Useit.com.

Learn the Basics of Typography

Web Typography is a very important area of ​​detail but often overlooked. Typography plays an important role as bridging the message from the owner of the site to visitors.
Note also that the typography in web design differs from design in other mediums. The text on the site can appear in different browsers with different font combinations. Therefore, use your time to study the combination of fonts and setting relatively useful in all conditions.

Learn Website Design Software

One thing to understand is you do not have to master all the technical aspects of web designing. It could be a web designer can only clever Photoshop without the slightest CSS or otherwise. This deficiency can be tackled by finding another partner who has different skills with you.
You also do not need to question the software used in the design. Most designers choose Photoshop and some chose Fireworks. Please select the software that you like and mastering in earnest.

Adjust With Web Design Trends

As with other types of design, web design also has its own trend. For example, the current trend is the widespread use of texture is soft (subtle). You can obtain information current trends with regard reputable websites design, designer portfolio sites like Dribbble, or through popular designs in the marketplace like Themeforest.

How do you think?
I hope you helped with these tips. Are there any you want to add?
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